Starting to Build my Home Server RRS feed

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  • My hardware will be
    Asus P4S800E-D motherboard
    P4 2.8B CPU
    Seasonic 430w PSU
    Promise TX4 SATA controller
    Highpoint 2 port IDE controller
    Pioneer DVD Player
    3 x 500g Seagates SATA (new)
    2 x 320g Seatgates SATA (old)
    1 x 300g WD IDE (old)
    6 x 200g WD IDE (old)

    I current have a server with
    2 x 320 mirrored for personal data
    1 x 300g for DVD's
    11x 200g for DVD's

    Here is my plan for moving the data
    1) Configure with 3 500g and 1 320g drive
    2) Create my directories incluing a non-duplicated MyDVD folder for my DVD Rips
    3) Copy my data over from the other 320G and 200g drives.
    4) As I empty a few drives, I will add those drives to the array

    Is this a good plan?
    Looking forward to play with this!


    Wednesday, March 14, 2007 7:07 PM