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  • I regularly work on four different computers (home, office 1, office 2, and laptop). In SyncToy 1.4 I used to have separate synchronizations for four sets of my Outlook pst files. This way I could easily move between the four computers. I maintain separate copies for all four computers that I use so that if I ever forget my usb drive, I can still keep the pst files separate. Normally, however, I remember to take the usb drive, and then I simply copy the one I was using most recently on, say, computer A over the old one on the computer of the day, say B.

    Suppose, for example, I was working at home on Computer A and then go to office 1 and want to set up my computer there, Computer B, for the day. In one step, I synchronize all of the pst files from all four computers. I keep copies of each computer's most recent pst file in four separate storage folders on the USB and each computer's local drive. Then, I synchronize the "live" pst file on Computer B, synchronizing it from Local Settings on B to the USB drive in the storage folder devoted to Computer B. Then, to set things up for the day, I copy the pst file from Computer A's storage folder to the Outlook folder under Local Settings. Since I synchronize the same folder twice, the easiest way to do everything except the last copy step is with Synchronize All.

    At the end of the day in my office, I simply would run Synchronize All a second time. It would copy Computer B's pst file from that morning (the one copied from Local Settings to the USB drive) to the Computer B storage folder on the office computer (Computer B). Then, in a subsequent synchronization, it would copy Computer B's  most recent pst file, from under Local Settings, to the Computer B storage folder on the USB drive. That evening, at home with Computer A, I'd do the same thing, so that in Local Settings, Computer B's pst file replaces Computer A's.

    Now with Version 2.0 this scheme always throws error messages. SyncToy basically says that it cannot synchronize the Outlook files because they have been modified during this synchronization. If I do the synchronizations manually, one at a time, they work, but if I Synchronize All, I get this error.

    Is there any way to override this behavior?
    Monday, March 24, 2008 2:34 PM