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  • I'm working on an application that I think will be able to use Sync Services very nicely.  However, in my evaluations, I came across a couple of questions:

    1. SQL Server CE doesn't support schema-qualified tables, and the documentation suggests that we eliminate the schema name for the client table.  However, my database consists of multiple schemas, and I have tables with the same name in multiple schemas that will need to be synced.  Setting aside the issue of table naming, the obvious solution (at least to me) is to name the table in the client database something like "<schema>_<table>".  But it's unclear to me whether Sync Services can work with something like that.  I don't see why it couldn't - the server-side SQL statements would reference the appropriate table, and I can manually build the correct schema in the client tables.  But am I missing something?
    2. I'm looking at making the schema on the client slightly different from the schema on the server.  My primary reason is to make the client-side programming a little easier by de-normalizing some of the tables.  This will require me to create the schema manually on the client side (something I'd have to do because of #1 anyway), and the data access is all contained within stored procedures that will map the data between the client and server schemas.  Again, it's my belief that if I build the SP's correctly, I should be fine.  Am I correct?
    3. When will standalone MSI's for Beta2 going to be available?  I'm not in a position to download the VS2008 beta, and even if I could I can't use it for this project.

    Thanks for all your help!


    - Scott

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