Can't See Shares from TIVO/WHS RRS feed

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  •     You made my day. I downloaded your Tivo/WHS software and took a shot at seeing if our Pioneer 810H TIVO w/ build in DVD could see the WHS. Worked beautifully, after I opened the 2190 UDP and 6103 TCP.  However, from the TIVO series 2, I’m only seeing “Videos on Windows Home Server” as a menu item and when I select it I get a Dialog box that says, “The Videos on Windows Home Server PC has no recordings. Press left to return to the Now Playing List”.


    I have two questions:


    How do I populate recordings to the WHS? There are already Shared MP3s & Photos but I can't see them. Further, I created the \\server\cache\photos and \\server\cache\metadata directories but still get an error message   that the directories don't exist. Isn't the root c: drive the correct location for these directories? 


    How do I add the Music MP3 shares and Photo shares on the WHS for access from Tivo?


    Thanks for any help you can provide and for the great work on the Tivo/WHS software.


    Sunday, July 22, 2007 12:26 PM

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  • The Videos on Windows Home Server looks for video files in the \\server\videos share. As long as you have a video file there, it should show up in the Now Playing list.


    The Music and Photos should be displayed in the “Music, Photos, Products & More” menu option and should automatically show the files you have in the \\server\music and \\server\photos shares.

    If you want to use the cache folders, you should create them using the console Shared Folders tab instead of using Explorer to create them on the C drive. Go to the Shared Folders tab and click Add and then add a folder called cache. You don't need to have duplication on.


    I hope this helps. Post here or e-mail me if you need more help!






    Sunday, July 22, 2007 5:14 PM
  • Rob, et.al.;


    I'm able to see the available videos in the Video share on the Tivo/WHS but no music or photos appear even though there are files in the WHS Photo and music shares in the 'music, photos, games, area.


    Another pecularity IMHO , when I select the .MPEG video (200Mb) on the WHS, TIVO says it will transfer the video when other transfers are completed and then doesn't appear to be making any transfer to the TIVO Series II w/ a WAP 1.1 USB access. I guess it's possible it's making the transfer but the 10Mb transfer rate is too slow. (I waited what I thought was an extraordinary amount of time).


    By-the-way, thanks for the help.




    Chill'in in AZ

    Monday, July 23, 2007 12:35 PM