Microsoft always use old mailaddresses to verify my account etc. RRS feed

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  • hi, I could not log in today becaase The password seems to be wrong and I was sure to type the correct one.

    I entered the page for forgotten password, but the shown mail adresses were not the addres I used to log in.

    Also the fone numbers were old .

    Security codes did not work. At the end after a lot of received security codes, I got a right code to change my password.

    But a long time I could still not log on. This moment I am logged in in technet forum, but If I want to chnage my account items, as fone number and assoiciated mail addresses, I am asked to login again and Yes the password is again wrong.

    I become crazy now after 2 hours to solve this problem.

    My question is how to change the wrong items or change items including fone numer used for verification and what to do to have my password accepted. Remember I am logged in now with the correct password but  changing things is not  is working because the password is not accepting.

    My correct mailaddres is koos@ottes.info

    Wednesday, December 3, 2014 2:43 PM