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    there are 270 publications listed, whereas when editing the entry there are 254 published as correct, with 0 pending (and 101 rejected). The history says all changes have been approved yet this does not seem to be the case when viewing the entry. Why is this? Is there a bug in the software?

    By the way, the algorithm for adding new papers to an existing author does not seem very good, especially in the case were an author has already checked and approved/deleted entries. It is difficult keep up in removing duff papers in such a case as they are continually added afterwards. I think you should be much more conservative in adding more papers to an author entry that has been extensively edited for correction already. Currently you are just making such entries worse again, adding papers for unrelated authors, which is dispiriting for human editors. Any thoughts on this from Microsoft Research?

    Also, why not make the approval process much quicker and lighter touch for editors that have a history of providing reliable corrections? Again, thoughts from Microsoft Research welcome.

    Jonathan Bowen

    -- Jonathan Bowen www.jpbowen.com

    Friday, March 2, 2012 1:33 PM