Word constantly nagging about fictional upload that failed RRS feed

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  • UPLOAD FAILED  The server storage quota has been exceeded.

    As happens about 50 times a year, my machine got so jammed up I had to turn it off via the power switch recently. That may be a coincidence, but normal.dot was all jacked up the next time I used Word after reboot. Huge surprise, that. (Can we EVER stop that from happening? 20 years is too long for the same bug, by about 19.9 years.)

    I'm on Windows 8, version of Word whatever was the latest at the time, I guess, since there is no longer an About box and no longer a way, that I can find with my hundred-million-dollar interface-designing head crammed full of useless stuff, to determine the version of Word that I am running, so suffice to say, it's the latest, since I haven't been nagged yet to update it.

    I am trying to write a simple document in Word. I know I'm going to get a response about Sharepoint. Is that really an issue when it's not installed, I'm not collaborating with anyone, and all work is being done locally on just this machine? How about SkyDrive? Maybe. I disconnected that bastard a few weeks ago in an attempt to take back ownership of my machine. It was going off for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 HOURS, various lengths of time, to slam and pound and grind and mash my hard drive. I couldn't do ANYTHING at all during that time. I finally found the correct poison and I killed it. I hate that thing. If the members of the 80s punk band Millions of Dead Cops want to write a good 2010s punk song, it should be about hating SkyDrive.

    If it's because I disconnected the SkyDrive, why is it bitching so much. I kicked SkyDrive's ass, and I have one foot left.

    Friday, February 28, 2014 5:53 PM