Snippet of post that appears in forum is NOT the first words in post! RRS feed

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  • Don't know what is wrong with my post in the outlook developer forum:

    Cannot retrieve email items in collapsed groups with GetSelection() but the snippet summary does not correspond to the first words and it is causing the post to not be clear and hence not get responses. What is more concerning is that it may point to a problem in the forum parsing of posts that could lead to hacking.

    The snippet shows:

    0 Then ' Mail items selected For Each message In selectedMessages If TypeOf message Is Outlook.mailItem Then Set emailItem = message ' here ...

    I would have expected it to show:

    Hello, I am trying to parse messages based on selection. This is not a problem when selecting messages, however if I select a collapsed group it is not working...

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017 12:53 PM


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