Dynamics CRM 2015 Contact Subgrid javascript fetchxml doesn't work......... RRS feed

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  • I have a Contact Subgrid on Opportunity Form inside separate tab. On Tab Statechange, I have a javascript function that add the fetchxml filter as below. The filter work fine, but the accountnumber from customer doesn't get displayed.

    I do have link-entity defined in fetchxml and the syntax is correct as well, but for some reason it doesn't display Accountnumber. I did check with fiddler and it does have same fetchxml injected, and I did debug the javascript which also get executed correctly.

    Any idea??

    "<fetch version='1.0' output-format='xml-platform' mapping='logical' distinct='false'>
    	<entity name='contact'>
    		<attribute name='fullname'/>
    		<attribute name='parentcustomerid'/>
    		<attribute name='emailaddress1'/>
    		<attribute name='telephone1'/>
    		<order descending='false' attribute='ssco_lastverifiedon'/>
    		<link-entity name='account' from='accountid' to='parentcustomerid' alias='a_3ba57a83e2e74750be1faf666aec1647'>
    			<attribute name='accountnumber'/>
    		<filter type='and'>
    			<condition attribute='parentcustomerid' operator='eq' uitype='parentcustomerid' value='{925A648E-DABD-4A5D-A97B-80ABC0C02AF1}' />
    			<condition attribute='statecode' operator='eq' value='0' />

    Wednesday, September 14, 2016 9:58 PM