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  • I have had a good look through the other threads related to my issue and whilst similar, I can't seem to find an answer to my particular question which is:

    1. Noticed that all 4 drive lights were flashing on the front of my WHS although I could still access the server from my PC (Windows 10).

    2. I opened WHS console which indicated that all was well (No red warnings, temp ok, some space left, etc.) 

    3. Decided (Foolishly) to shut the server down and reboot to clear the fault

    4. On start up I could hear a strange semi mechanical noise that repated about 6 times then stopped. No LED drive lights lit up. And the server front display lights, having flashed green/red a few times, then started flashing white (?) only

    5. On the PC, the WHS server icon was grey'd out.

    6. Tried starting with each hard drive removed until I found the one that was causing the strange noise. This was the bottom drive which is I believe3 also the Sys drive drive (a 1TB WD drive)

    7. Tried to run onto PC using external hard drive caddy but PC would not see it (Plus it made the strange noise again) so I assumed that the drive was toast.

    8. I happened to have another WD drive(*) so I swapped it in. Following other threads, I uninstalled WHS and HP Media software. Turned of virus and firewall, inserted the WHS recovery DVD. I then turned on the WHS and inserted the paper clip when the front display lights started flashing green/red. I then pressed "Next" on the WHS recovery screen on my PC and let it do it's thing. Frustratingly, it reached an error on 3 of 4 with a prompt to press "help" for more information. This just gave me a pop up window saying "Unexpected error!".

    So, the server unit is just flashing a white light on the front panel. The WHS recovery can't fix it and I have ground to a halt.

    (*) I am not 100% sure if this drive is good but I don't have means to check

    Any ideas welcomed please?

    Saturday, February 18, 2017 4:01 PM

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  • The server recovery DVD runs eventually not well from a 64 Bit OS, not even from Windows 7 32 Bit, if I remember right (too long ago since I had to deal with a recovery, and it may have been a different WHS hardware platform). If you can get a virtual machine or an old PC with 32 Bit Windows XP, try to run it from that machine.

    Did you clean the spare disk, means no volumes on it? How large is it?

    Also it might be useful to see, which error you got.

    Eventually also directly connect both machines (client and server) and reboot, since name resolution through router can result in failing connectivity.

    If you have important data without any further backup stored on the server, consider first to care for them as described in the FAQ How to recover data after server failure since clicking the wrong recovery option will format all disks.

    Best greetings from Germany

    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 6:58 PM