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  • Hey Good morning my name is vivek. I had an idea one day about the super computer and i dont know what to do with it. OK so if anyone is able to contact microsoft or someone that can make this idea work this isnt something that i thought was small. there are so many different applications for this one idea i just can't seem to explain it properly to anyone. so the input would be the problem we are trying to figure out and the out put hopefully if there is a program for the supercomputer analyze the question at hand and find a way to solve itthat is all a computer does right? so y not take full advantage of it. so an easier way to explain it is this how when you tap a key on the keyboard the letter pops up on screen, just like that. why not create a program that where if you ask it a question in permanence like how do you cure cancer without having any bad side effects or how do you build a teraforming machine to simulate that of earths atmosphere. this idea could turn us into a force good in the universe. just like how we look up answers in the library we could use the cloud as the library. the only real problem we really have at this point is that we just don't ask or have a program to help us search the library of information that is held on the cloud.

    Thanks, vivek

    Saturday, February 15, 2020 7:09 PM