Why would a laptop make a "continuous beeping" sound when starting up?

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  • One of our employees at home laptops has stopped working. I have my own assumptions for why, but i was just trying to get some ideas from more experienced professionals.

    She brings the laptop in and says it "all of a sudden" shut down, and when she booted it back up it gave the options to "start in repair mode" or "start normally" but everytime she hit enter it wouldnt do anything. (Thats all she told me before I looked at it)

    When I looked at it, I plugged it up (since it was dead) and turned it on. It loaded the screen giving me the the same types of options. I realized the keyboard did not work, so i got another keyboard and plugged it up through usb port. I hit enter to repair. It begins loading and then it begins making a continuous beeping noise. This noise does not stop until I power off the computer. I then attempt to start in safe mode, but when it gets about half way through "loadin windows files" it begins making the beeping noise again. I power it back down, pull out the battery and check it out, screw off the cover to where the memory is and check it out, and then I remove the cover to the hard drive. I then see some type of an oily substance around the inside of the cover, but I dont see any on/by the hard drive.

    My thinking is she has most likely spilled something on the computer. Can anyone give me any other ideas or help me verify the problem? This is a brand new Toshiba laptop (maybe 3 months old).

    Thanks, Leesa M.
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