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  • Here is what I'm trying to do but doesn't work:

    - Sync a folder between my office computer (on company network using W7 Pro 32bit) and home computer (W7 Ultimate 64) using Windows Live Mesh 2011.

    Here are some considerations:

    • Sharing the same folder using the old Windows Live Sync worked without problems.
    • Accesing the same home PC from the same office PC through Windows Live Mesh works flalessly.
    • Mesh syncing of the mentioned folder through Skydrive works without problems.

    So right now I'm doing it through Skydrive but:

    • I don't want to use my limited online space for such files
    • Syncing through Skydrive is slower and would like to get faster response on that folder

    Any thoughts?

    Sunday, March 6, 2011 11:54 PM

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    Since you are referring to Windows Live Mesh, not Live Mesh - www.mesh.com, you are in the wrong forum. Yes, the naming convention is confusing, though I like that they kept the Mesh name alive for the upgrade to Live Sync (formerly FolderShare).


    For discussion of the new Windows Live Mesh (formerly Sync), (as well as the released Live Sync version) go here:



    What do you mean by "syncing through Skydrive"? Do you mean that you have configured the folder to sync with the two computers *and* also Skydrive cloud storage in Windows Live Mesh? And that doing so works fine, but when you set it up to not also sync with Skydrive, there is no sync happening?


    In any event, post to the above forums for further discussion of the issue.



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    Monday, March 7, 2011 1:36 PM