Electronic Arts violates freedom of expression by having Xbox Enforcement violate peoples rights because they dont like the truth. RRS feed

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  • On 8/6/17 Xbox Enforcement sent me notice that i violated xbox service agreements but commenting that BF1 is INFESTED WITH CHEATERS and the game has become disgrace to play. No threats were said against anyone or anybody on xbox and or Electronic Arts employees. Electronic Arts retailiated by trying to have Xbox live Enforcement come after me and my account. So i contacted Xbox Live Enforcement and nobody could tell me what policy was violated then i sent an email to microsoft asking to show me what policy i violated heard nothing from microsoft. both Microsoft and or EA and there respective policies violate my rights to free expression by agreeing to them and they now it. EA and Microsoft violated my rights to free expression by commenting on Xbox live feed on Xbox One. Microsoft or EA has any right to threaten or take actions against anybody or any one for expressing there views in which it is ok to do so even in there own polices say it is ok to do so. Both Microsoft and Electronic Arts have violated my rights by taking action against me for expressing my views which is allowed under the Xbox live agreement. Both Microsoft and Electronic Arts dont like free expression and or the truth about what goes on on xbox live. Microsoft violated there own policies by taking action on me and my account for expressing my views in which there own polices say i can. Xbox Enforcement says they have evidence show me the evidence or proof. Xbox live Enforcement is working for Electronic Arts to ban free expression because they dont like what is said or the truth.
    Sunday, August 6, 2017 9:26 PM