My First Program, Seeking Advice


  • Hello all!

    This is my first program attempt with Visual Studio 2013 Express and I don't have hardly any experience in programming to begin bare with me. I have this idea for a Digital Communications Board. You know like the ones that are make of cork board that have a million things attached to it and its all over the place? Ya that mess. I have several ideas for this concept which, if given enough help, I will go into later. But basically, I want to be able to have a program or app that lets you assign categories for certain things that can be displayed in a work setting. Categories like Schedule, Announcements, and other things that you would want to add as you think of them. so I imagine this board starting out with a few that can be edited. 

    The main aspect of this program is to be able to upload any screenshot or picture or pdf file that is available and present it in a fashion that is organized. So if we just focus on the Schedule tab that I mentioned already I can probably explain it better. The way I will personally use this is to display employee schedules through the addition of a picture or file taken from my company's system (not a data retrieval, just simple manual entry). Later down the road I will attempt to make it so that the Schedule's for each employee can be entered manually so that there are simple layouts and no excess material to fill up the space. 

    So with this idea in mind what would be my first steps? I know I need the following things:

    1. I want to be able to have a minimum of 3 tabs displaying the name of the display that would come from it. for example, If i click the button/tab that says "Schedule" then that tab would expand or present the content that IS the schedule for the employee's or what has been set by the user to be displayed there.

    2. I want to be able to expand the number of tabs with ease. Like a typical "+" button that would obviously add another tab that can be set up for another purpose while at the same time it is formatted to space itself on the main page with the other tabs.

    I know this is a lot at one time but I really just want to get some constructive feedback and if someone is awesome enough to actually write code for me then please please please put comments in the code so I can understand!

    I appreciate any and all feedback!

    Thank you 

    Friday, October 17, 2014 4:00 AM


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