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  • Hi,
    First of all congrats for such a promising and great wonderful look..
    Awesooooooomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!
    This is really good to see and the funtionalities have been drastically improved.
    Feels great.

    One suggestion though, the old forum had a drop down list of forums and was an easy way to navigate to any forum.
    I am missing that feature in this version. It was very easy to navigate via that combo-box.
    I hope you would put back the feature into the current look again.

    I would keep updating this post as I explore the new features..

    Thanks and keep up the good work..

    Suggesttion#2: The sticky/admin posts should be kept away from the normal posts. What I mean is that they should be kept in a different area so that the user can distinguish between them and the normal question/answer posts. I got confused and had to spend some time distinguishing between which are the sticky ones and which one are the latest questions being posted. There are actually a lot of sticky threads. I hope you get my point.

    Always mark the post that helped you as "Answer". That helps future users to locate answers quickly.
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    Friday, May 30, 2008 5:58 AM