Plugin help:- Updating quote details RRS feed

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  • Hi There,

    Sorry to ask here, however I'm new to CRM dev so I hoping for a little forgiveness!!  I'm trying to create a plugin to manage the tax calcualtions in a CRM deployment.  I have gone through all the walkthoughs, however I cannot find anywhere that explains how to either retrieve the current values of fields on a particualr window (in this case a quote) and obviously update them at the same time...

    Simply put on the create/update of a quote (product add window) I want to calculate the vat on the selected product and update the 'tax' field.  I understand the registration of the class on the create/update steps...  it's specifically the code to access field values on a form that I need assistance with..  Can anyone point me in the right direction. 

    Greatly appreciated in advance...


    Behaviour Manager V4
    Tuesday, April 19, 2011 7:54 AM