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  • I've downloaded a font which I want to embed in a word document. The font's embedding right is "editable". Both right click on the font file->properties->details and the value returned by GlyphTypeface.EmbeddingRights say so, but word wouldn't embed it. I wrote a small app, which embeds the font in an existing document, but when I open the document in Word, it says:

    (The word web app accepts it just fine though)

    I suspect, that Word still uses GDI functions like GetOutlineTextMetrics behind the scenes. I noticed that this function returns "wrong" information. The otmfsType-field of the OUTLINETEXTMEXTRIC-struct for this font is 12 (binary: 1100). The doc for this field says:


    Indicates whether the font is licensed. Licensed fonts must not be modified or exchanged. If bit 1 is set, the font may not be embedded in a document. If bit 1 is clear, the font can be embedded. If bit 2 is set, the embedding is read-only.

    Also, Control Panel->Fonts returns 2 values for the embedding restrictions:

    Where would I get help/propositions on how to work around this issue?


    Monday, May 26, 2014 11:48 AM


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