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  • I know some of this has been covered before, but.....

    I have one internet connection to my house via Earthlink over Time Warner Cable.  It is dynamic, but relatively stable (only changes ever few months).  I have SBS 2008 providing all of my server needs except for media sharing and computer backups which are handled by WHS.  I have my own hosted website with a handful of subdomains on a shared server (offsite). My domain was purchased by mydomain.com though it uses the nameservers from my webhosting service.

    I wish to be able to access my website by entering www.website.net, my server by entering remote.website.net, and my home server by entering home.website.net.  I wish to have a working dynamic DNS solution so that when Time Warner changes my IP address, the records are corrected. 

    Currently, I am using the DNS management in from my hosting service to make the website work properly, and remote.website.net work properly.  I can access my home server by entering the IP address and port 8009 (router port redirect) in the form XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8009. 

    I have three more issues to work on:

    1)  While the home server works (including remote access to computers), I am unable to upload files to WHS by either drag and drop, or browse for files.  My only method is through cut and paste into a WHS shared directory using a remote connection to my home computer.  Not optimal

    2) I do not have a short path to get to my home server (home.website.net) 

    3) I do not have any dynamic DNS operating.  I do use OpenDNS on my SBS server and use their updater to keep my DNS searches updated (Earthlink DNS is not very good).  The best solutions would be one that utilizes this updater rather than having to install a new one.

    I suspect that my needs and configuration are relatively common, so I doubt that I am the only one who would benefit from some help.

    Anybody have any thoughts they are willing to share?






    Sunday, January 2, 2011 2:36 PM