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  • I have a laptop that I have been using for 1 year now and am now in the process of deleting some programs and installing others also upgrading still others. I have made the mistake of installing the new programs under my user account as administrator of which I have done many times with no problem. But I have found that to install some of the new programs I need to uninstall the older version before I can continue the new version installation. So now comes the problem of the old version wont let me uninstall them without higher authority. Well I am registered and logged in as administrator so what do I do? Can't go any higher than that! Well it tells me that I have to crreat a new standard user account and uninstall from there and when it ask me for higher authority I log in as administrator and give my permission to uninstall. Ok so I create a new user account and restart the machine to set the changes to the computer and log into the new user account. When I open the start menu to go to my uninstall program I find that there are no programs listed in the start menu, O.M.G what now?

    Now I can't find a way to get all my programs listed on the new users account start menu for my daily use and to complete this upgrading process I have started. I am totaly confused now and don't know even where to start looking to fix this stupid machine. CAN SOME ONE OUT THERE PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY WAY TO FIX THIS MESS?

    I am an ex Navy Vietnam vet that is now retired. I live in the Philippines now because I can't afford to keep living in the U.S.A. due to small retirement benefits. Any way here in the Philippines I have found that it is standard practice when you purchase a new computer that it comes with a copied version of Windows Ultimate and the upgrade switch set to off so Microsoft wont be notified via authenticity verification during the upgrade process. I finaly found out about this and turned in the company that I purchased the computer from to Microsoft and gave them all the information I could along with the purchase receipt. About three months later they emailed me asking for the same information. So I emailed it to them again. I have yet to hear from them and it has been about six months now. Well any way I have now ordered a new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate of my own.

    Any way PLEASE HELP me.

    Thanks in advance,  John Wootten (Daddy John)

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