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  • One of the most useful shortcuts I can think of for Windows Live Mail would be a keyboard combo to simultaneously "Add sender's domain to blocked sender list" and then "Mark this message as junk". At the moment it's 4 mouse clicks, and on a busy mail day (most days) gets very repetitive.

    Unfortunately there doesn't seem to even be shortcut keys for those individual actions, so we can't even create our own keyboard macro.

    Anyone got any ideas.
    Tuesday, December 2, 2014 10:15 PM

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  • And also add in a third action: "Mark as read".
    Thursday, December 4, 2014 1:18 AM
  • There are general windows keyboard shortcut editors and keyboard mapping database utilities: haven't tried any of them with Windows 7 64-bit, but I imagine there are more than a couple which work - There seems to be an incredibly long response time, reflecting the difference perhaps in email load and in workload of programmers at Microsoft and the volume of email they have to handle on a busy day, compared to "Soporose" above  -- also wanted to mention I thought  "Ctrl+q" or maybe "Ctrl+Shift+Q".

           Several flavors of Microsoft Office earlier, it was possible to easily setup macros and keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word: I suspect the same is true for other applications like Windows Live Mail (either version? or not?).  This may seem silly and logical, but I don't see why email/webmail/email clients, and so forth cannot have standardized keys right out of the gate: it took years for the various browsers and their developers to do this, but it makes things much better now that kb/sc for browsers have largely been standardized ( unless the EDGE has departed from the uniformity which made life sane working with multiple browsers -- comments anybody working with EDGE?).

         This paragraph is right off the top of my head, but Windows has or had an intrinsic hierarchical system of kb/sc such that some combinations of keys are system level shortcuts at one end of the spectrum while other key combinations can be assigned exclusively for use with that specific application (and within other applications for another action - true or not); and along with those extremes of system-wide and application-specific kb/sc there are one or two intermediate key combinations of kb/sc possible.

    The last one I used worked with Windows XP (just 32-bit) was from www.zealsoft.com and an unexpected feature was how it showed you both assigned and the remaining unassigned keyboard shortcuts possible (don't remember the total but it is amazingly high, considering all of the possible 1 key, 2 key, 3 key, 4 key, and hyphenated ( e.g. Ctrl+Shift+A, 9) kb/sc possible .  The overall or printout of all kb/sc including those assigned and those remaining unassigned was very educational.  I thought I had been systematic is assigning kb/sc and was astonished to find what an almost total lack of pattern there was the first time I printed out the complete list of assigned and the remaining possible unassigned keyboard shortcut combinations (= or defined as kb/sc).

    My only concern is with the editing differences in 32bit and 64-bit systems, but otherwise unless and until Microsoft includes a shortcut editor/mapper as a default, it seems much easier to customize or try customizations and report them to the community -- there likely are several kb/sc key combinations which cannot be done easily by most people, which excludes those keyboard players with a 2+ of 2.5 octave range who should be able to complete any kb/sc (just a thought - any comments?).

         Have also written to Zealsoft Studios (www.zealsoft.com) to ask if they have any experience with editing 64-bit versus 32-bit systems (I believe Windows Server 2003 is the last Windows O/S I saw there but I was in a hurry, as I am now, apologies.

         Well the only other issue I can think of is does Windows 10 permit editing/mapping kb/sc and what experience anybody has had trying or succeeding with same?

    Thanks, greenguy

    Avoid obfuscation if you like?

    Tuesday, April 5, 2016 8:47 PM