XML Chart Editing: Year-to-date charts in the past years (2010-2015) RRS feed

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  • Hello, 

    I want to compare sums of values across different years on a "year-to-date" basis. More specifically I want to display the sum of values per year that have been achieved until the current date in these years. I.e. sum of values until 26th/06 (today) in the years 2010-2015.

    • X Axis: years 2010 - current year
    • Y Axis: Sum of value 

    Currently, I have coded in xml the following filter criteria:

                <filter type="and">
                    <condition attribute="hk_m_oi_date" operator="this-year" />
                    <condition attribute="hk_m_oi_date" operator="last-x-months" value="12" />
                    <condition attribute="hk_m_score" operator="eq" value="821310011" />

    "this-year" and "last 12 months" filters for the year 2015 but only in the past. I.e. Jan - June.

    But how can I code this for the years 2010 - 2014? Any ideas?

    Thank you.

    Friday, June 26, 2015 11:52 AM

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