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  • After having loads of trouble I built a new WHS machine with 3 TB's of hard drives so I can back most of my media files.  First I used all SATA drives and installed WHS which was working flawlessly except no clients could open the console.  Not deterred I decided to add 2 more hard drives and get it all working before I worked on the console problem.  I added 2 PATA drives (ran out of SATA ports).  After adding them to the storage pool I rebooted and WHS wouldn't boot.  Seems adding the PATA drives changed the boot order.  After trying all the drive options in the BIOS I still couldn't get it to boot so I did a "reinstall".  Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the PATA drives were from the old WHS server and weren't re-formatted so it chose the old setup on the re-install which was okay though since the old backups were there.

    Lo and behold after adding clients (I never thought about removing the WHS CD from the drive), I discover that there is no boot sector on the C: PATA drive so it wouldn't boot without the WHS CD in the drive.  In fact there was no "boot" data on any of the hard drives.  After searching for an easy solution that I couldn't find, I copied the root files on the CD and the "boot" folder on the CD to the C: drive and that fixed that problem.  I didn't want to go through the "reinstall" again and this "fix" seems to work fine.


    1:  I still couldn't get the WHS console to connect on any client computers even though the install of the connector software worked perfectly.  I fixed that by adding the server IP and name to the "hosts" file in C:\windows\system32\...whatever in two XP clients but Vista wouldn't let me "amend" the hosts file.

    [UPDATE-I changed permissions on the "hosts" file and it let me amend it by adding the server IP and name on the Vista 64 client.  PROBLEM SOLVED!] 

    Jerry in NW FL
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