Allow nodes to enter Stand-By mode to save energy while idle, w7-style RRS feed

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  • Hey All,

         So I've deployed Windows 7 machines and noticed a nice feature is they'll completely power down their fans and drives while idle, then turn on within a couple seconds once the power button is pressed. This saves energy on the average machine, and is appreciated.


         I'm curious as to whether HPC has adopted this technology to reduce my cooling costs and energy costs while only slightly increasing latency before beginning a job. I'd like for all my nodes to be sleeping and silent while they're idle, then when my head node needs to deploy a job, it wakes up the correct number of machines and submits the job. If there is no official way to do this, could it be rigged?


    Any help is appreciated as these things get HOT!


    Thursday, November 18, 2010 10:22 PM

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