Geographically Blocked PID RRS feed

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  • Having problem with validation:
    1. Win XPP
    2. Will not accept code - live in Israel and listed "Gepgraphically blocked PID when I entered product key from sticker on PC.

    What am I supposed to do?

    Barbara Goldman
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  • Hello Barbara48,

    Please ask the Corporate Systems Administrator to logon to the eOpen site . Next you may want to call and discuss how to resolve this situation.

    Thank you,

    Rick, MS
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  • Barbara,

    Please provide us with the MGA Diagnostic Results as Rick requested. Please provide information to the below questions:

    • Who is the manufacturer of your computer system?
    • Was your computer built by a local shop?
    • Did you and/or a friend build the computer?
    • Is the computer a personal computer or a corporate computer you use @ home as well as use for work while travelling.
    • Did you purchase the computer from an online auction?
      • If so please provide location details including the webpage

    • What version of XP is installed on the computer? 
    • Please provide me with the last 20 digits of the product key.  (DO NOT POST THE WHOLE KEY)

    This along with the MGA Diagnostic Results will help us analyze what you are experiencing. Next we may formulate a possible resolution.

    Again thank you Barbara,

    Stephen Holm, MS
    WGA Forum Manager

    Stephen Holm
    Wednesday, October 22, 2008 6:25 PM