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  • I have a question about Windows Defender and how it behaves with servers. I've been searching the new forum setup here and I can't figure out where to ask. There doesn't even to be an area for general secuity issues.

    So I'll ask here and if an answer doesn't come, hopefully someone can direct me.

    Question: When running on any kind of Windows sever based system,  is Windows Defender smart enough to know which directories it SHOULD NOT monitor?

    When you read the documentation for Small Buisness Server, or anything running with Exchange or ISA, there is always a warning that the admin should make sure that certain folders should be excluded from real-time virus monitoring.

    Since Defender is an MS product, is it clever enough to follow MS's own guidelines? Or do I have to go and exclude all these folders manually?

    Another question that doesn't seem to be answered in the WD docs is, when you exclude a folder, are all of the sub-folders excluded as well? Some AV programs will only exclude the root of any folder you specify, such as Avira.
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    Wednesday, February 18, 2009 12:46 PM