Misalignment issues with latest panorama RRS feed

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  • I haven't shot a panorama in a while. I have shot two previously which I stitched together in ICE. ICE did a great job with those panos except for the ocean (the water ripples didn't match each other in adjacent photos.) They were both natural landscapes but this latest pano I did was shot in a city with lots of distinct lines running in various directions. For all three panoramas, I used a Canon FD 24mm lens with Micro 4/3 cameras. This is a wide angle lens designed for the 35mm film format. However, on a M4/3 camera, it becomes a standard lens due to the crop factor. I also use a cheap four way rail slider which I have adjusted for parallax correction with the 24mm lens.

    At first, the cityscape panorama looked great after ICE completed the stitching. But when I brought it into Photoshop and zoomed in, I noticed some alignment issues. At first, I thought it was parallax but how could this be? I had adjusted for parallax. And a lot of the alignment problems are further away rather closer in. Upon another examination of the image, I'm not really sure if it is parallax. As most people know, parallax is evident in a panorama when close objects appear out of skew in relation to far away objects. But that's not the case here. The examples of misalignment that I'm seeing in this pano are occurring on the same plane. And a number of these are a fair distance away from the camera. For example, there is a traffic light (over on the other side of the road) that appears crooked. The bottom section of the pole doesn't line up with the top section. And there are some other vertical poles nearby (at a similar distance) that appear normal.

    Someone on another forum suggested that it could be distortion from the 24mm lens I'm using. Granted, it does have a fair amount of distortion when used on 35mm film. However, using it as a standard lens on M4/3, I cannot see any distortion at all. Everything looks fairly neutral viewing through this lens on my Panasonic G2 and G6 cameras. It is certainly plausible that there still could be some slight distortion within the lens with the crop factor in place – so slight that I wouldn't notice it in most situations. Though with the panorama that I shot recently, there is a curved gutter running diagonally fairly close to the camera that is in the foreground. If there was some distortion still inherent in this lens (on M4/3) surely that gutter would be seriously affected. Though it is not affected at all. There is no misalignment of that nearby gutter – despite it appearing close and also receding away from the camera. Actually, I would probably expect most distortion to occur closer to the lens generally. But in this pano, a lot of the misalignments are further away. I don't recall seeing any alignment issues with the other two panos I did though they didn't have any distinct lines like this cityscape. They were natural landscapes with things like rocks, grass, sand, bush etc.

    Any suggestions or possible fixes?

    Wednesday, August 31, 2016 3:59 AM