Click Fraud and how to find out, MS could fix this, if they wanted to. This is the email I sent them RRS feed

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    It is an email i sent to MS about how only 3 or 4 clicks to my site were real, the rest, (about 40), were done through proxy servers, and one from NeyYork when I am only doing ads in CA, and many that just went to my target page for about .5 seconds, then left. (most likely search engine spiders, some using proxy servers so they do not get blocked by using one IP, www.multiproxy.org, while the suck up emails from businesses that advertise on the web.. They use key word searches then click on the results and look to see if there is any emails in the results... Hmmm, strange thing is, they only went to one page. If I set up a spider to look for email addresses, I would set it up to look through all the pages on the result, (all the links on that site), because the contacts are never on the main site.... I am NOT saying MS is paying people to search for key words, via proxy servers so they will not get caught, or am I???????)


    You know that one "conversion" script that MS gives us to put on our shopping cart web page?

    Well, that could be added to all our web pages or at least the one we give them for the ad....

    Then they could do their own monitoring, and if any "click" only stayed on the web page for .5 fricken seconds, THEN THEY WOULD NOT CHARGE US, or if they went there and did not click on any other page, they would not charge us..


    They have people smarter than me working at MS, if they were motivated, THEY would find a way.

    Shoot, even a page before ours, hosted by them, with one of those pictures of Little kittens on them, and a question for the "clicker", "how many kittens do you see"... That would also fix the problem..


    They need to filter out the computer generated clicks, from real people clicking.. A simple question that only a human can answer, would not scare away potental clients. A simple captcha, not a overly complicated one like they make you do for hotmail, a simple "multi select" one, one that is 1/3 to 1/2 less complicated as this one, http://www.thepcspy.com/contact , that would cut out 100% of computer generated clicks, over night.



    You know, I make an honest living by providing good service, in affordable packages, and people refer us and it works.

    If MS would make a good advertising system, an honest one, and get rid of their stupid "automated keyword" checker, that does not work... Grrr, they would make a lot more money...


    You would see this stuff on 20/20 if the reporters had IQ's above room temperature! Click fraud is all over the net, like a rash, but what can the small biz do? We are just ants, they are the ant eater.


    Or you can do what i did and set up a "pre page" and other tracking, or use a "click fraud" monitoring service and argue with MS and hope they give you credit.

    But who has time for that?

    I was going to spend 100K a month on pay per click, but with 96% of all the ones I had yesterday being fake, I am putting that on HOLD until this is resolved.

    Wednesday, October 24, 2007 4:28 AM

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  • Hi DeWild1, I just wanted to let you know a few things you can do to identify if clicks are coming from low-quality sources.


    1. After signing in to your Microsoft adCenter account, click the Reports tab.
    2. In the Report drop-down list, select either Campaign Performance or Account Performance.
    3. In the Report View drop-down list, select Summary.
    4. In the Date Range drop-down list, select the date range you want to work with.
    5. Under Customize this report, in the Columns and values row, select Customize report layout.
    In the Available values section, you will now see several new column headings:

    • Low-quality clicks
    • Low-quality impressions
    • Low-quality click filtration rate
    • Low-quality impression filtration rate
    • Low-quality click conversions
    • Low-quality click conversion rate

    Select the values you're interested in and move them to the "Selected Values" list.


    You can read more about our click quality reports on the adCenter Blog.


    If you still think that some of the standard quality clicks you are receiving are from low-quality sources, please call support and we’ll do an investigation for you




    Thursday, October 25, 2007 3:35 PM