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    I still have about 30 days on my eval trial offer. Can someone please tell me if a newer version of Live OneCare is coming up any time soon? If so, can the following suggestions be forwarded to the Live OC development team? The following, IMHO, may make it better.



    Looking over comparisons between windows standard firewall and other products (see: ZDNet, Wikipedia, etc.) reveals that windows standard firewall is dead last. It would be nice to know that Live OneCare firewall is better than standard windows firewall (by the way, is it?  or is it the same firewall?)

         Adding a simple function that would tell the user how many intrusions were blocked, how many were rated “high threat” vs. “medium threat” vs. “low threat” would provide a welcome feedback (I know many techies would find this information useless, but it would make me feel better knowing that my firewall is actually doing something other than just sitting in my systems tray).

         A user should be able to set at least three common settings. Something like:

         “Low Security” – allow access to your computer by anyone

         “Medium Security” – allow access from known users; ask me about access by

    unknown users.

         “Highest security” – make my compute invisible to anyone on the net; ask me

    about any out of network contact.

     Again, most true techies may find this humorous, but this is one of the main reasons why other common firewall applications (e.g. ZoneAlarm) are just so popular (AND highly rated).

               Finally, if you combine the OneCare firewall feature with a simple piece of IP address recognition software this would be a true “killer app.” This way, a user can scan a log of blocked intrusions (see above) and see if in a 24 hour period he/she had a few hundred attempted/blocked intrusions from … oh say… Quingong Province, China or Lviv, Ukraine. This means it’s time to tighten up the security features and recommend OneCare Firewall to all your friends.




    --WHATEVER YOU DO, PLEASE DO NOT PULL A “WINDOWS VISTA” STUPIDITY. I.e. please change the way things appear as little as possible and ONLY if you absolutely have to; make changes as simple and as unobtrusive as possible. PLEASE DO NOT change the appearance of the entire application. DO NOT move the buttons and tabs around. DO NOT introduce “new, intuitive, and exciting” applications that look good to geeks with compuSCI degrees from Cal Tech, IIT or MIT  -- this is generally a VERY BAD IDEA. (No offence to geeks in general as I, myself, am a rapidly ageing one from UCLA). Overall you have a good application here. It just needs a bit of tweaking. It is fast and simple. Please KEEP IT THAT WAY! Do not screw it up.

    Monday, August 18, 2008 4:13 AM

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  • OneCare was recently updated to v2.5. I would not expect to see another update until early next year, except for minor version revisions.

    I think you need to spend some time exploring the OneCare firewall. What you are asking for is a mix between what is already there via the Home/Work vs. Public settings and the advanced settings for those that need to make some tweaks *and* things that most users do not want or need - detailed logs about intrusion attempts being one of them. The average user does not need to know about the pokes that are regularly coming in from the otuside, besides which they will typically never make it to the PC as your router will likely block/drop the attempts through simple NAT, since there are no servers listening for the traffic or no forwarding rules for that traffic on the router. I think that techies would want to see this basically useless information, not the average user, but that's my opinion. I am considered a techie and I stopped looking at my router logs years ago.

    "Users" is not something that the firewall can protect from inbound. Firewalls protect ports, they don't question where a request came from or "who" asked for it. If you open a port, that traffic is allowed, assuming something is listening on the PC to act on the request.

    OneCare does prompt for access requests by applications unknown to it on your PC. You can switch to highest security by making it prompt for all access outbound.



    Monday, August 18, 2008 2:03 PM