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  • Hey All

    I've some questions concerning my CRM 2011 IFD. It's basically working.. with some issues. 

    I've used this guide to set it up:


    Ive a slightly diffrent setup though:

    - ADFS is on a dedicated server (using 443 binding) (sts.contoso.com)

    - CRM is on a dedicated server (crm-local.contoso.com:443 is configured as WebAddress)

    - IFD over a TMG 2010 (https://org.contoso.com:443, https://dev-crm.contoso.com:443, https://auth-crm.contoso.com:443)

    - TMG Rules for the 3 dns entries which point to the internal server ip, same for sts.contoso.com

    - on the IIS for CRM 2011 there's just the https binding for * ip

    - When i use the external adress, everything works fine - but is not meant to be from inside the lan. thats where my question starts: why is my internal access not working? crm-local-crm.contoso.com is NOT working. DNS (split dns) points to the LAN IP of the Server. When i enter https://crm.contoso.com/ORG i'm forwarded to the sts page. And then I log in (i think there shouldnt be a redirect to sts?) with my credentials, get back to internal adress and get a 404 error.

    But if I configure the emailrouter-metadata deployment URL i HAVE to use https://crm.contoso.com/ORG, else its NOT working. Also its not working from outside.

    someone can help me on this?

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012 3:56 PM

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  • Hi Ideep,

    If you have added sts.contoso.com in your Local Intranet zone of IE settings please remove it.

    IE->Internet Options->Security->Local Intranet->Sites

    once you remove the URL, try to close the IE and test it again.


    Khaja Mohiddin

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012 4:16 PM
  • i did, list is empty, no luck. directly get redirected to sts.contoso.com

    you got some other hinta?

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012 6:55 PM