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  • I have tried for hours and I cannot figure out how to get my second mailbox to give an audio alert such as a chime when an email comes in as I have set up on my default mailbox.  I am a full time student and I work in a service center from 4pm - midnight.  I like to read between calls and emails but must constantly look at the screen for new emails every minute making it nearly impossible to study or get into a book.  If it would just ring like the phone I could get alot more done.

    This is what I have: Outlook which I think means 2007, live meeting transport, MAPI, microsoft exchange?  Thanks!

    Please tell me where to post this as I will be sitting here staring at the screen for the next two hours. ;)  tfernstrom01@my.gcu.edu

    Thursday, September 9, 2010 4:56 AM