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  • We have a file structure where "major folders" typically have at least 100 sub-folders (used to sort client files by client number).  For many of the major folders, when I select a single folder in the main File Explorer window (i.e. I am not selecting the folder in the navigation pane), the navigation pane displays the major folder and has a consolidated listing of sub-folders and expands to show just the selected folder instead of all 100 folders.  This consolation is extremely convenient so that accessing the navigation pane to select another folder doesn't require major scrolling up and down.

    However, this doesn't work for some of these "major folders."  Instead, when I select a sub-folder from within the File Explorer main window, the navigation pane expands to show all sub-folders.

    I have noticed that when we first create one of these major folders and start populating it with sub-folders, when we reach a large number of sub-folders (maybe around 70) this display of only the selected folder begins.  For the couple of sub-folders where this navigation pane consolidation doesn't work, we have created the major folders in the same way as other major folders, populated the major folders the same way, etc., but for some reason this consolidation of folders feature never started.  I cannot find any difference in settings between the folders where the consolidation happens versus folders where the consolidation doesn't happen.

    Does anyone know how to fix the folders that don't have this consolidation feature turned on?



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  • Been there, done that.  I first posted the question and this is the response I got: "The issue that you are facing is more complex than what is typically answered in the Microsoft Community. We suggest posting your question in TechNet Forums, where we have support professionals who are well-equipped with the knowledge on such issues."

    Is there another category in the TechNet Forums that would work better?

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  • Then I'd probably try over here.




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