Is anyway to format ArchivingCdrReporter output? RRS feed

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    The output display from ArchivingCdrReport does not display the time information (i.e. 11/19/2008 1:25:56 PM) on SessionIdTime or SessionEndTime.  It only display the date information (i.e. 11/19/2008).  I created a report to display the Media_Type, User_From, User_to, Start_time, End_time, and would like to see the actual date and time for the conversation, but it only display date information, not time information.   I wonder if anywhere to modify ArchivingCdrReport_Config.xml file to format the output information.


    This is the query used to generate conversation report.

        <Name>Customized Reports</Name> 
          <Name>Calls Details per User</Name>
            SELECT MediaList.Media, U1.UserUri, U2.UserUri AS Expr1, Media.SessionIdTime, SessionDetails.SessionEndTime
            FROM   Media INNER JOIN MediaList ON Media.MediaId = MediaList.MediaId INNER JOIN
                   SessionDetails ON Media.SessionIdTime = SessionDetails.SessionIdTime AND Media.SessionIdSeq = SessionDetails.SessionIdSeq INNER JOIN
                   Users AS U2 ON SessionDetails.User2Id = U2.UserId CROSS JOIN
                   Users AS U1
            WHERE (SessionDetails.User1Id = U1.UserId) OR
                  (SessionDetails.SessionStartedById = U1.UserId)
            ORDER BY Media.SessionIdTime, U1.UserUri




    Friday, November 21, 2008 2:47 PM