I am looking for help with end user help and making chance tool bar internet RRS feed

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  • HI I made a  service  configuration and cant access webhost because of adminstrator  wont allow me  and  I have end user point  called chance  and  goes to  my website  and the contract is called outside and  the service is walkinthedog  its  pfx file  I think and dont know codes  i think I  am trying to have search engine  with chance  search toolbar but dont know how to complete it  I am tryin to learn  and  I have bing accelerator  on  desktop  and cant look up sociol sites unless another word is  there  and cant look up socks unless its black socks  or something like that  I  am trying to make a tool bar  with chance search word engine  but dont know how to complete it  and want my own interne t for    other uses  like designing  and using stationary paper  and have some other  ideals  would like to have chance   in front of everything  and works   but also  other things work like funny ellen  but not ellen  and ellen degeneras works or oprah winfrey but not oprah  i think i would like to publish my  software that I am trrying to make   but am a beginner and dont know codes  my   bing webpage is pink and  have keyboard and can write cursive with mouse mover  in notes and want a cab file  I think. What should  I do?   Or should I delete it?  
    Thursday, May 30, 2013 4:54 PM


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    Friday, May 31, 2013 4:38 PM