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  • Over the past year I have lost many files that I thought were copied to my backup hard drives because of Microsoft's programming oversight(s), or a lack of oversight.  

    Example:  Using File Manger to locate and transfer files from one folder to another I have, many times, thought all files were backed up from one folder to another or another hard drive or device only to later discover a small folder hidden in the auto hide task bar. When I click the folder a popup file transfer window suddenly appears from behind other open windows asking if I want to overwrite or skip a certain files.  Well, by that time I've already thought the files had ALL transferred, especially since NO popup warning was visible.  So my question is; why in the world would Microsoft have popup windows displayed behind other windows instead of simply making the index order so the warning/popup would appear on top of all windows? 


    Also, make the verification code legible for humans!  All you need is an image, not one that no one can recognize!  Da!

    Don't use zeros and 0 or I's and L's or upper and lowercase letters that look the same!  Like x X, wW, yY, or vV.  When any of these letters appear on their own, we/users/humans can't tell if they are upper or lowercase!

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  • And what was the C++ development related part of your question...?

    Guess you are totally offtopic here!

    You may try

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