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  • Consider the following setup: one head node and one compute node running Windows Server 2012 with HPC Pack 2012. Network topology 1. The private network interconnect is comprised of 2 x 10GB switches. The head node and compute node have dual port adapters configured as a NIC team (in Windows 2012). Initial setup of cluster looks good, diagnostics report success, headnode can ping compute node and vice versa.

    I now wish to capture the image of this existing compute node. I go to "Configuration | Images" and "Capture Image".

    The image capture starts but I notice all the network traffic is all on the Enterprise ethernet port. Also I lose the ability to ping the compute node from the headnode. The image capture is still running and seems very slow.

    My question is if there could be a problem with NIC teaming and image capture. Why am I seeing Enterprise network traffic. Image capture removes the machine from domain; would this affect the network adapter binding etc.

    Has anybody else done this successfully?

    Monday, March 25, 2013 6:12 PM

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  • Some more detail: the 10GB cards were not set to PXE boot. I have fixed this using Intel Bootutil and am now PXE booting on the 10GB private network.

    Same problem; as soon as the image capture starts I lose my network adapters (do not show in the Device Manager) and the capture hangs. I imagine this has something to do with sysprep or drivers?

    The compute nodes are Dell C6220s with Intel dual port 10GB NIC.

    Wednesday, March 27, 2013 2:52 PM