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  •  have netbook with 4gb ssd for windows installation.
    i need to reinstall it so the documents and settings is on main hard drive (100gb) and program files are also on main drive.

    got my xp installation, and I extracted iso into actual folder with winrar, searched for WINNT.sif
    i put the following commands under the unattandedgui section: ProfilesDir = D:\
    Programfilesdir = D:\
    then i took the folder and rebuilt it with imgburn and i got the edited iso to boot.
    then when installation came, i chose to install on ssd 4 gig, installation was going good, then reboot, error came saying: setup log file corrupt, please provide more information fatal error. and some other error i forget.
    i tried this with two other copies of windows that i had, but it still doesnt work?
    how do i modify the windows installation unattanded to change profiles dri and prgoram files dir to different path?

    i already read the kb article on profiles dir and it didnt help.
    Wednesday, May 4, 2011 4:44 AM