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  • After i update my system two service pack 3 it always  crashes, And i have to reinstall it all over again? getting very tiered of this, starting to think  Microsoft has some thing to do with this,? forcing me to upgrade,  As i do not wish to do so.

    also  my antivirus  picks up a dill file in sys32  and says it is a virus deletes it then windows restarts , it says

    system can not log you on  can not verify something , I think system, being registered with you

    then have to reinstall again ????

    I just got this software brand new from memory express about 6 months back or more, windows home server 2003 . it is new and original   using  Symantec corporate edition antivirus. also the power eraser will also  see this file as a viruses two

    I have now reinstalled  it about 60 in the last 3 month ??  loosing every thing  even with back up it will not work ?

    also i have ran in to a virus that makes Townsend's of copies  have not seen it in a month  on my system

    but it seems to come and go from time to time and no antivirus, in the world can detect it ?

    this seems to happen right after i use your  Microsoft essentials  every time  so i do not use that,

    I am a computer technician and am very good at what i do</  But can beet this from crashing ?

    ps I do have a  sample of that virus safely  on a  CD before my HD was filled in the matter of hr's

    If i install the new IE  7 or 8  browser i have no way of searching all my CP files, As THE DESK TOP SEARCH ANT GOING TO FIND SYSTEM FILES AND I AM NOT TURNING ON IT TO CATALOG TOWS FILLS , for if i do, IT IS A CRASH. If you had the search system files back on the new IE 7 or 8, like IE 6 id love to have it. So now i have no choice but to Deni this update  and run Firefox, can this option  be fixed,but can not update from your system on the net with Firefox ??? so have to use the bult in update,

    well one day i had a  sharer virus on my network and could not up date from the built in update  would not work and the only browser was Firefox, format reinstall again,lol how crazy is that  this should not be being blocked

    if some one can please look into this please  would make my life  so much better   wifiboot@msn.com

    Sorry about spelling bin up all night reinstalling  after a low level format again before reinstalling 

    I do think it is essential  to fix this  as  the downloading from you to update  every time  two service pack 2

    has to be  more expensive on your servers  bandwidth  is not cheep, when you are doing this over and over and over

    yes most would give up about now.  But i like it to much to do so  Thank you again Microsoft teem

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