For how many years will MS allow Google to search it's forums better than it can? RRS feed

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  • Emmm... Do you mean automatically change the search criteria for you if no match is found (what Google does) is better?

    As you can see from the Bing screen, it's actually one click away from what Google does (if you insert the same criteria in Bing's search).

    In an API forwarded query, I don't think automatic change of searching criteria is good decision.

    EDIT: Actually you can get the result with the "Forum Search" link if you uncheck the "Current refinements" -> "Windows Desktop" item on the left pane. It assumes you're search in the same forum section by default.

    You can get rid of the criteria by searching in the box on the top of screen.

    Thursday, June 7, 2012 9:54 AM
  • I agree, the search built into the msdn forums is terrible.  There isn't even a way to sort the results to show newest hits first!  And the sidebar menu, with the "x" to omit things:  Ok, it does technically function as designed, but it's a terrible, backward, outdated design.  If a college student authored a search feature like this as their senior project, sure, give them an "A".  If one of the biggest software companies on earth authors a search feature like this, give them a big red "F".

    The Bing idea was a good one:  It seems to have indexed the forums better than Google did, so wow!  A reason to use Bing!  ;-). 

    However, and a big however, the topic of this thread (I think) isn't Google vs. Bing, it is about how unbelievably bad the built-in search feature right here at the forums is.  The fact that we have to say "Well, you can use Bing or Google instead" says it all.

    Thursday, June 7, 2012 11:58 AM