Unable to use 'Set Regarding' to a Sales Order or use 'Order LookUp View' to find a SalesOrder with StateCode <> 0 RRS feed

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  • We are unable to use the 'Set Regarding' feature of the CRM 4 Outlook Client to select Sales Orders which have a StateCode <> 0.

    We are also unable to use the Order Lookup View in the web client to select Sales Orders which have a StateCode <> 0.

    How can not  filter or limit the Order Lookup View to allow selection of Sales Orders which any StateCode?

    I have already exported the Sales Order XML and could not find any filter for StateCode on the fetchxml for the Order Lookup View.

    As we are using an integrated solution with GP, we set the Sales Order StateCode based on business rules but after the StateCode has been changed from 0, we still need to associated Activities and other CRM entities with the Sales Order.

    Below is the current Order Lookup View query from the Sales Order Customization file:

                <iscustomizable name="No">0</iscustomizable>
                <isquickfindquery name="No">0</isquickfindquery>
                <isuserdefined name="Yes">1</isuserdefined>
                <isdefault name="Yes">1</isdefault>
                <returnedtypecode formattedvalue="1,088">1088</returnedtypecode>
                  <grid name="resultset" object="1088" jump="name" select="1" preview="0" icon="1">
                    <row name="result" id="salesorderid">
                      <cell name="name" width="25" />
                      <cell name="CFSBackOfficeOrderNumber" width="100" />
                      <cell name="customerid" width="150" />
                <customizationlevel formattedvalue="1">1</customizationlevel>
                <querytype formattedvalue="64">64</querytype>
                  <fetch version="1.0" mapping="logical">
                    <entity name="salesorder">
                      <attribute name="name" />
                      <attribute name="customerid" />
                      <attribute name="salesorderid" />
                      <filter type="or" isquickfindfields="1">
                        <condition attribute="CFSBackOfficeOrderNumber" operator="like" value="{0}" />
                        <condition attribute="name" operator="like" value="{0}" />
                      <order attribute="name" descending="false" />
                      <attribute name="CFSBackOfficeOrderNumber" />
                  <LocalizedName description="Order Lookup View" languagecode="1033" />
                  <Description description="" languagecode="1033" />

    Friday, July 17, 2009 3:30 PM