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  • I have a new PC that I purchased recently that is installed with Windows Vista.  I have always had PCs, and have never had so many problems as I do with Vista.  It is a horribly unstable platform.  I have installed SP1, and still it has not fixed the problems.  I frequently have problems at start up, and encounter the blue screen of death more frequently than with old, beat-up on-their-last leg PCs that I've nursed to keep going.  I just purchased a $2000 Adobe package for Windows, and now I am considering, for the first time, switching to a Mac because I am so fed up with the problems that come with Windows.  (I just hope Adobe will let me switch my e-download to the Mac platform.)

    Microsoft could learn a lot from others.  DON'T FIX THINGS THAT AREN'T BROKEN.  Windows worked well, but you just HAD to release a new version, that really does nothing better than older versions of Windows.  If I thought I could unistall Vista and load an older version of Windows without creating more problems, I would.  But knowing Windows, I seriously doubt that would be possible.  I am so frustrated with Microsoft.  I seriously am looking to switching platforms, which I have never before considered.  And I've always been an Office user as well, and I am thinking of switching to Open Office as well, just because I am so fed up with BAD releases that created problems for Microsoft's loyal users.

    You guys don't need the competition to bad-mouth you.  You create your own bad press by these premature, poor-performance releases.  WHY do you purposefully create problems for your customers?  Please answer me this one question.
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