Upgrade from "Windows 7" to "Windows 10" disabled my Wifi RRS feed

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  • I have done an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my Laptop - which happens to be an HP EliteBook Workstation 8760w.

    And I have stumbled into this "HP Connection Manager" problem as many others before:


    My problem is that Windows 10 upgrade recognized the "HP Connection Manager" (and its sub-components)
    as in-compatible with Windows 10 and disabled them in the update process.

    I thought, fine with me, never needed that program anyway, but it turns out that I used it each time accessed the Internet through the WiFi :-)

    Anyway, I figured out a way to have a quick solution by following the workflow as quoted below from the HP page.

    My WiFi is working now but I am wondering if someone at Microsoft can recommend a better solution to this problem.
    What does it mean if I have to run the "Gobi 2000 driver" in "Windows 7" compatibility mode? Is there a way to run
    this in Windows 10 mode?

    Is it true that Windows 10 no longer requires the HP Connection Manager and its sub-components? What is the recommended
    Microsoft way to handle this situation?

    Thanks a lot for any helpful hints :-)

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    10-28-2015 06:17 PM


    I had the same problem but solved it.  Some of the help came from “hungdq3” post but I just added the missing instruction and done it differently.

    1. Download SP53068 (Gobi 2000 driver) + SP53394 (HP Connection Manager v4)
    2. Enabled secret administrator account (net user administrator /active:yes)
    3. Login using the administrator account - This important as the installation will be BLOCKED
    4. Install SP53394
    5. Under C:\SWSETUP\SP53394, locate hpcm.mci and HPCMSetup.exe and change the compatibility to windows 7
    6. Run hpcm.mci to install the Connection Manager
    7. Under Program File (x86)\Hewlett-Packard/HP Connection Manager, locate the following files and set the compatibility to Windows 7:
      1. Gowireless
      2. HPGoWireless
      3. HPCOnnectionManager
    8. The HP Connection Manager will be installed now. Open it but don’t do anything yet. If you try to use it, it will tell you that there is no driver installed.
    9. Install SP53068
    10. Under C:\SWSETUP\SP53068, locate Qualcomm folder and run the “GobiInstaller” to install the driver.
    11. Logout from the administrator account and login using the user account
    12. Locate and open the HP Connection Manager and setup the correct APN
    13. ENJOY!!!
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    Thursday, January 7, 2016 10:40 PM

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