Preview Mode fast when it works, but a dog when it doesn't RRS feed

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  • At first I though Preview Mode was something that would save me a mass of time because, using it for posts that I didn't need to Moderate (Edit; Move; Merge etc.) i.e. for reading and replying, it was much faster than opening the thread itself.

    But I soon discovered a snag. When it didn't open immediately it churned and churned and churned and in the end took much much longer than opening the thread would ever have done. (and of course there was no "don't bother" to click, you just had to start a new session and *open* the same thread directly there).

    So there's a problem.

    Generally Preview Mode is quicker.

    But the maximum possible delay before Preview Mode opens something is much longer than the maximum possible delay when opening a thread.

    On occasion this has been so bad that I've gone back to opening all threads because there there is a fairly constant time interval before they open.


    Note that I recently came back from holiday where I had to suffer seeing the clock tick down (and my invested Euros with it) while I was waiting for Moves (mainly Moves - boy were they slow in v3) to go through. So it looked as Preview mode would make Forum maintenance next time I was on holiday much more of a pleasure, but it won't be if Preview mode decides it doesn't feel like working and blocks the whole session.
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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 2:42 PM