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  • my client has an requirement like

    For example, we have an item that costs $5 with 5 on hand and when we run the inventory valuation report on 2/28/2016 it shows $25.

    The cost goes up to $7 on 5/1/2016, we have 10 on hand, and when we run the report on 5/31/2016 it shows $70.

    However, if we run the report on 5/31/16 using the 2/28/2016 date filter, it shows $35 instead of the $25 when we ran it on 2/28/2016. Which appears to be the 5 that we had on hand on 2/28/2016 multiplied by the new cost that took place on 5/1/2016. Is this because we have our items set up as Standard in the costing method?

    Is it possible to run the reports and get the same results, no matter which day we run the report? If we had to change the costing method, is there a quick way to change them all?

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016 11:23 AM