xbox and microsoft doing nothing RRS feed

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  • why is nothing being done about modded players on xbox?   it is off the hook and all over the internet a million ways to rig your stuff to gain unfair advantage.  dont bother with the complaint system they obviously dont take it seriously.  i for one will no longer buy any games or systems untill they take responsibility for this,  the new games are leaked on the net sometimes months ahead of time ensuring the hackers have it ready for opening day,  you face openets in a day or two that have all the weapons and perks open....i think it is sad that a rich company like this can act like it cares when it seems they may be playing both sides of the feild.  i cant figure how all the games can be leaked on to the net with out their knowlage...in fact i feel its unlikely...all i want to do is be able to play by the rules and not meet god on the battle feild...xbox is a big let down microsoft should be out of buisness if its security is so laxed....and for the cowards that use the mods and try to lie about it they cant play without cheating so they in fact earn nothing as they risk less than their oponets...but in the end xbox and microsoft should step up and do something for the loyal full price paying customers instead of cattering to the hackers most of whome buy copied soft ware from hackers at far below the store price...is it possible to have the system self contained so you could pay the price of the game for access to the game rather than have a copy of the software?  look everyone knows about the aimbot, target bot and the god campain its right their on youtube but microsoft and xbox continue to downplay it like its a few rouge people....get real already..
    Friday, August 12, 2011 7:34 AM