How I rotate backup drives RRS feed

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  • I've seen a number of threads on rotating backup drives and I did some experimenting and this is what works for me. I put in my first usb drive and let it get a letter (F). Made a pair named EchoToUSB1 to echo to the usb drive. Ran the sync once. Then swapped and put in a different usb drive and let it get its own letter (G). Made a pair named EchoToUSB2, ran the sync, etc. Then I have a batch file that runs

    synctoycmd -r EchoToUSB1

    synctoycmd -r EchoToUSB2

    One will succeed and the other will fail because it can't find the drive, depending on which is installed at the time.


    The help file gives conflicting info on whether there should be a space between -r and filename. There should be.

    When synctoycmd can't find the drive to sync to it returns errorlevel 1, if it works it returns errorlevel 0.

    Like others I hope the next rev includes the feature of looking for the drive if the drive letter changes in synctoycmd.


    Tuesday, September 7, 2010 3:33 AM