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  • I have no idea if this is a place for this.  I've been computing since 1962 and not found a problem that so many have asked and so few have provided any definitive analysis.  I guess I don't expect a response now.  It's been a year and a dozen or more suggestion have resulted in the same "Failure configuring Service Pack. Reverting changes." after a few hours effort.

    I (apparently along with many others) acquired an HP G2 I3 laptop which I immediately (foolishly) upgraded to Win 7 64 bit Ultimate.

    It performed well through the warranty period before SP1 was released.

    I even successfully loaded the IE9 Beta with no adverse effects. 

    I've had to disable automatic updates as the daily attempt requires several hours to download. install, configure, fail, and revert changes to reestablish a login screen.

    I've tried many of the suggested correction procedures when I have a few minutes to initiate an attempt.

    The only reasons I'm not using the piece of crap as a freezbee for the dog are:

    1) It's square

    2) It's too heavy (she might break a tooth)

    3) My wife's Quickbooks accounting was installed for the State association she serves as secretary/treasurer of is resident on this near useless before the SP1 failures began.  I don't want to take the chance that moving any thing from here to her new Sony will render the Sony brain dead.  It does however already have SP1 installed.

    Any advice regarding correction that doesn't:

    1) Jeprodize the QB installation

    2) Cost more (I paid retail for the HP and the Win7 64bit Ultimate upgrade)

    3) Take more than a day


    -Dave Burrowes



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