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  • Hi There,

    Please help me with below issue,

    Issue: I am supporting

    I am managing IT Infrastructure having windows 2003 servers and windows xp and windows 7 clients.

    I got complaint from user that folders with strange name are getting created in the shared nework location.

    When i checked the folder properties, i found one user's name in the owner's tab.

    up on investigating i found that that user is windows 7 laptop user.

    Can some one help me out in finding the reason for this strange folder creation and how can we avoid this in future.

    The strange folder are all empty and having their names in different different fonts.Most of the strange folders have "sqaure symbol" as their name.

    There are many XLS file in the same location where these strange folders have automatically created.I suspect that these folders are created when the user was working with lookup and formulas on xls files.

    How can I check whether this folders were created by any xls formula or lookup or rule.






    Friday, January 7, 2011 2:06 PM