New card...Problem backing up RRS feed

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    I bought a card (as i need more SATA ports) WHen i plugged the card in i get the model number of the drive(connected to the card) and a blink blink blink. I assume the comp boots from the card first thus the blank hard drive. How can i back up whatever i have on my server hard drives to an external so i can "reinstall" from scratch?


    I figure that once i hook up my 2 500gigs to the card thus it will load OS on one of the 500's and boot, The 750 and other 500 waiting to be installed can hook up to the motherboard which i assume takes 2nd place in loading. I'm not messing with raid or anything like that, I just want to back up my info. I've looked in the bios and can't find any info on boot priority for making it select Motherboard over PCI.


    PS: i tried chaning the sata cables from primary to seconday and got "BOOT DISK FAILURE" If i unplug and leave it like it was it will boot...All my data is safe.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007 4:39 AM