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  • Dear,


    when running the validation tool on my OCS 2007 Standard Edition I receive the following error:


    Internal FQDN: Invalid

    The Data proxy FQDN is empty or invalid. Ensure that the data proxy FQDN is valid and that it does not conflict with the name of the any other server configured for a non-data proxy role.


    Since it's a SE the paths where not exposed through the GUI so I used WMI Studio to locate the instance for MSFT_SIPDataMCUProxyServerData and found the ExternalFQDN and InternalFQDN which where both set however my ExternalFQDN had a typo. I fixed it, saved the object in WMI, reboot the server but the validation wizard keep saying I got an invalid FQDN?


    Any ideas ?



    Tonino Bruno

    HP Belgium

    Saturday, July 28, 2007 10:52 PM



    OK, found the problem... In fact it was related to another issue I was troubleshooting when connecting remotely with Live Meeting..


    What happened is that i misunderstood the web conferencing properties on the standard edition server. I didn't see it mentioned Web Conferencing EDGE server, so I assumed I had to provision the internal fqdn and the external fqdn of the web conferencing server. Foolish as I was I entered my SE FQDN. However after looking through the config several times I noticed the gui asked for the internal and external fqdn of the EDGE server, once I fixed this FQDN the validation no longer reported an error and my live meeting error worked as well..



    Tonino Bruno

    HP Belgium

    Sunday, July 29, 2007 10:20 PM